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At PickupLinesNow.com

PickuplinesNow.com is apart of the Strainertin.com family of sites.

We strive to create fun and informative restaurant/bar industry websites and videos filled with valuable information. PickupLinesNow.com has over 10,000 pickup lines in over 80 categories completely free of charge. Please use them to have a laugh with friends, have fun with acquaintances and to actually attract whomever will listen to your pickup lines. Enjoy!

our standards

Yes, we have them

  • Quality Information

    We provide not only a large amount but also quality information for you to have fun with.

  • Restaurant/Bar Information

    Our site have a common thread which are things that happen in and around the restaurant/bar industry.

  • Beautifully Designed

    We strive to create well designed and visually pleasing websites.

  • Wealth of Information

    We provide a large bank of information in each of our sites for you to enjoy.

mission & values

You can count on

Beautifully designed sites with tons of information

We strive to serve a bounty of restaurant/bar industry information that is displayed beautifully and organized so it is easy to find.

our advantages

Why we have great information

Vast amounts of information you can enjoy.

We are restaurant/bar professionals with alot of experience and accolades. We stirve to be better in our craft and to provide you with great fun information.

  • We are restaurant/bar professionals
  • Alot of experience
  • Solid Accolades
  • Focused on providing great information
  • Extensive research
  • Beautifully designed