All Categories of Pickup Lines

Academic       Accountant/Tax       Atheist       Athletics       Brand Name       Barney Stinson(How I Met Your Mother)       Baseball       Basketball       Biology/Chemistry/Science       Breaking Bad       Breakup       Car       Catholic       Celebrity       Cheesy       Christian       Christmas & Santa Claus      Chuck Norris       Computer       Cross Cultural & Interracial       Disney/Fairytale       Doctor       Dog       Easter       Favorite       Filipino/Tagalog       Fitness/Gym       Food       Football       Foreign       French      Funny       Funny/Cute       Game of Thrones       Gay & Lesbian       Ghetto       Girls/Women       Golf       Halloween       Hindu       Hockey       Holiday       History       Intro       Internet       Is Your Dad       Jewish       Lawyer       Mad Men       Math       Medieval       Music       Muslim/Islamic       Nerdy       Newer       New Year's Eve       Physics/Science       Pirate       Polish       Political       Popular       Professional       Redneck       Rejection       Religious       SAT       SciFi       Sexual & Lude(All)       Sexual       Smooth       Spanish       Sports       Soccer       Social Media       Stock Market       St. Patrick's Day       Super Hero       Thanksgiving's Day       Tinder       Travel       TV       Twitter       United Nations       Valentines's Day       Workout       Yoga